I am a Buyer’s Broker. Buyer’s Brokers help you find and analyze properties that fit your criteria. Seller’s Brokers (or Listing Agents) work for the Seller and their job is to bring the property to market and get it sold.

Buyer’s Brokers work to help you find properties, analyze the pros and cons, know what to watch out for, and work for a smooth transaction for you. We are paid by the Seller / Listing Agent, not by you (in most cases.)

If you are contemplating an investment, I will discuss what you want, geographic locations, kinds of lease types and lease lengths that work for you, details of commercial real estate, help with any 1031 you are conducting (to meet the dates and the deferral requirements); I write the Letters of Intent; help get a contract executed; help obtain and then analyze the due diligence; etc.

After understanding what kind of properties you want, I will gather and obtain info on available properties, submit a summary report to you. For those of interest, I’ll get you the offering memorandum and interface with the brokers. I also developed long term relationships with brokers and may have deals that are not yet listed or coming up. It’s all about timing!

Reach out – give me a call at 727-319-6303 or email at legacykathy@aol.com