I started in commercial real estate in 2001 with a large firm in Sarasota, Florida (Richardson Kleiber Walter.) I learned about all types of commercial real estate and closed on warehouses, hotels, land, empty commercial buildings and apartments. The head of the firm suggested to try all types and then hone in on my specialty. It was great advice, and I am grateful for having learned about all types of commercial real estate.

I moved to specializing in my preference, NNN (triple net leased) deals, in 2003. Since then, as Buyer’s Broker, I have closed on such properties as those listed below. I reviewed hundreds of NNN leases and deals, and bring an expertise and experience to this type of real estate. This includes understanding corporate and non-corporate guarantees, NNN lease details and what to look for, restrictive covenants in shopping centers where a NNN may be located, etc. I have worked with countless attorneys, accountants and banks to help my clients. Deals include:

Burger King
Advanced Auto
Tractor Supply
Taco Bell
Rite Aide
Tuffy’s Auto and more

I would like to help you find and invest in the best property you can!